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Get reporting, SEO-based insights and Keyword analysis for any content delivered on any platform. With a human-touch to execute.

Experience the power of AI.
The Ultimate Website Companion

Rich AI driven content for performance.

We came from Webflow, Wordpress and the content CMS platforms that you also use. We created more than 200+ websites for large companies. We know how important our AI-based content creation has to be for valuable keyword and analytics to drive real value.

Add and edit schema markup
Meta titles and meta descriptions
Robust 301 redirects management
Simple image alt tag editing
Monthly Reporting
10 Posts a month with human led editing
Are you an SEO Company? We sell white-lable and embedded licensing

Sendero works with one single Java Script that is copied inside your site.

From there, we can import your content, read your website, scan it to train your AI and then deliver analytics.
A single line of JS with all your project scanning tools to deliver
  • a JS file that contains all of your site's custom content, brand, tone to train our AI
  • Sendero AI which contains common base keywords that is matched with how your should continue to right your content.
  • Normalize ai which makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. It precisely targets only the styles that need normalizing.
A JS folder which contains the Webflow.js file. This file contains all the JavaScript necessary to make the interactive elements of your pages work properly. Things like forms, navbars, sliders, tabs, and interactions rely on webflow.js. If you delete this file, your page might look correct, but it won't work as expected.
An images folder with all the images uploaded in your project's asset manager
.html files for all of your site's pages (including Collection template pages without content)
Reason 1

Experience the power of code. Without writing it.

Reason 2

Website content management made easy.

Reason 3

All the power you need, without plugins

Reason 4

Launch. Publish straight to the web, or hand off clean code.

Reason 3

Build stunning websites in record time.


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Auto Generate Unlimited Long-form Content
Pay for 10 content posts a month that are edited by human
SEO reporting & Site Health Metrics
No hidden fees and upsells, and cancel any time
Directly integrated into your CMS for publishing
Just sign-up, connect your site and go.
Starting at
per user per month
Up to 10 Long-form Content (up to 3,000 words), with human editing
SEO Analytics
AI Writing
Human Editors
Direct Integration
Most Comprehensive Platform
Writing with only Keyword Analysis


Just a Writing Tool




Kate W.

Head of Marketing @Scoop

"The team at Sendero has lived up to every definition of the word "partner". They're adaptive, fast, and flexible (all the things you'd hope for in an agency!). We're so thrilled with what we've accomplished so far and look forward to working alongside them in the future."

Garath W.

Growth Manager at Orbit

"Working with the BrandWeld team was a pleasure. They guided us through the whole process from design to implementation, creating a great site on a tight deadline. They were responsive and adaptable throughout, and we'd be happy to work with them again in the future."

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We provide email support Monday through Friday. We do our best to respond to each request with a personalized reply within 24-48 business hours. Learn more about Webflow Customer Support by reading our customer support policy.
Free up engineering resources
Unlock your marketing team
Unlimted AI based Content
Give No Code teams superpowers
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