Connecting Sendero to Webflow

Sendero was made for Webflow, and our Sendero team is proud to offer the Webflow-first headless CMS options. In this guide you will see the power of using Webflow with Sendero, setting up a project easily and creating AI-based content changes and syncing it back to Webflow

Getting Started

A headless CMS is a content management system that provides an API to access content, but does not have a built-in front-end. This means that the content can be used in any application or website, regardless of the technology used to build it. Sendero is a headless CMS with more powerful tools like AI-based writing tools, that combines the power of using your data everywhere with Open AI's API to generate content once its inside.

Webflow’s CMS API allows you to work directly with the JSON data underlying your CMS. You can use it to bring content in from external data sources, connect an existing CMS, or connect Webflow’s CMS with a mobile app 1. The API lets you add, update, and delete items from your collections, right from the terminal 1.

To connect to Webflow’s API, you need to authenticate your requests using an API key. You can generate an API key by going to your Webflow account settings and clicking on the “API Access” tab 1. Once you have an API key, you can use it to make requests to the Webflow API using any programming language that supports HTTP requests 1.

Get Help with AI Tools and Getting Started. Select from our list of expertly handcrafted no-code workflows, or explore more guides to the right.

Step one

Start a new project and connect it to a no-code frontend. The button at the top, will easily create a new project that can be either directly connected to your website, or can be connected later.

Watch the Tutorial Here

Keep your Website CMS items in sync with your Sendero base with a single click.

Also learn how to create and embed forms and Sync it to a no-code frontend.

If we are missing a frontend option, reach out and we will see how we can help

Step two

We support a multitude of frontends to connect too and adding more partnerships every day. When you start a project, you will have these four options to connect too. You will need an API key and hit, "connect". From there, Sendero will import all of the CMS items that you can edit, re-write with AI, and sync back too.

Create a New Project
Connect to Webflow

We started with Webflow and Sendero works best with Webflow. Connect any WF website with a WF API Key.

Connect to Framer

We connect directly to Framer with a Framer API key and secret key. Use these during a new project onboarding.

Connect to Wix

Connect to Wix with a breeze with a do it yourself, API connection.

Connect to TeleportHQ

Connect to this Low Code tool directly within Teleport's application. Use their database bata dropdown and select "Sendero"

Step three

Connecting to any of these frontend's by way of API integration with a breeze. Transform your Webflow, Wix, or Frontend CMS Collections with our AI writing tools, sync and publish the items back to your website, all within Sendero. Finally, our SEO and insights report work to monitor your website every step of the way.

Watch the Tutorial Here